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He died way too early, and why, the Blank!, didn’t he get resurrected!?
The full capability of the group to bear, why hasnt there been an NPC anywhere that could do it?
Getting Gelaborius restored is still a stretch, but surely afterwards once the Geas was handled they could teleport close enough to Trunau to raise him there.
I’m really enjoying the new character but Four Bears was a real favorite too.


Annnnnnnnd he’s dead , joe creates great characters….. then killls them! I still miss l’orc !!

Justin Reinhardt

Is he not wearing *any* armor? Joe… I’ve had your back about the class pick, the language RP, and I can even buy that this guy was a warrior blessed/cursed with the magic of his ancestors.

Adam Mullins

Maybe I’m wrong, but any armor bonus he would get from worn armor won’t stack with the armor bonus he gets from Spirit Shield (which is +8 it looks like), so I can somewhat see skipping worn armor. I would probably still get something to sleep in or as backup for the time not covered by his abilities, but still.

Doug Becker

Yup… he really is trying to make a fighter out of a spell casting class. He wasted three feats that could have been used on way better options.

Phil Mueller

Wow, his WIS really is only 15. I’m speechless


How else can he have that SUPER useful 14 Dex?