From Dust till Gone

With the crew still reeling after a harrowing battle with the Corpse Fleet, there’s only a moment to rest as the ashes of Captain Zeera Vesh reform and the fight begins anew!

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great episode and brilliant story telling at the end by Troy

Nyck Dougherty

Dax goes into the necrograft store: “You know this makes you staggered after one round?!” LMAO


Even though I play Starfinder and not Pathfinder, Androids and Aliens hasn’t been as fun for me as the other two podcasts. I think I figured out why (MINOR SPOILER) during the last 5 minutes of this episode. Two of the three books have been side diversions that have isolated the characters from their backstories. The epilogue to this episode did more to excite me about what’s coming than anything in many, many episodes. I know it’s tough to balance the two, but I’d happily get less of the (flawed) Dead Suns AP to get more of the characters’ stories… Read more »


Actually I like all the podcasts for the same reason. The player interactions, character development, and the DMing. A&A is definitely a little more laid back and funny. Good Morning Glip Glorp, the Ministry of Silly Talks, Halloween on Eox, and of coise “Maple Syrup. For Everyone Except You”. All hilarious. As far as the AP, I can’t say if it’s flawed. It definitely has a detective sleuthing down every lead sorta feel. That can be frustrating but it feels more realistic. An enemy sending agents to slow and kill anyone who gets to close. I totally agree with you… Read more »


There are definitely some odd design decisions in this AP. There really isn’t anything to connect the game from the Star Eater’s Spine to Eox without GM direction. There’s another point coming up which I think expecting the players to naturally come up with the direction the AP takes is a stretch. Beyond those points though I rather like the AP, there’s been a lot of diversity in style and setting. I particularly like the next one. It’s balls to the walls from here on so I expect that’s why Troy has pulled all the PC backstory stuff out now;… Read more »


It was mostly this chapter… the story is a little convoluted. The rest of the AP is super solid. I think everyone is going to dig the next chapter… its EVERYTHING you want in a sci fi story. One of the reasons I’ve been impatient with some of these RP heavy sessions in prior weeks. GET TO THE GOOD STUFF MWAHAHAH! 🙂


I really enjoyed the epilogue! Great stuff guys!


Troy, Ellie made a poor choice… The Solarian Radiation revelation is a crummy power… why? It’s only low radiation. If an enemy is wearing armor, then they are immune to low level radiation. Enemies that don’t wear armor, like animals, usually have fortitude as their strong save. It costs a standard action if you want to poop out a 5ft radius poison cloud that most enemies are immune to. Maybe Troy will be nice and let her choose a different power. — Radiation (Su) [Photon mode] As a standard action, you can emit an aura of low-level radiation. Creatures within… Read more »


I agree. A lot of those powers (Radiation, Flare, Gravity Hold) just have really poor action economy. At least Gravity Hold has situational usefulness for moving enemies into environmental hazards and utility of TK hand. Stellar Rush would be a much better Photon choice since she plans on going melee. If she changes up powers, she might also reconsider her feat since she already has a climb speed. She seemed to be enjoying herself more when her character was able to be more effective. (I’m reminded of some of Joe’s interesting build decisions over in Giantslayer…) otoh, it is her… Read more »


>>otoh, it is her character so *shrug*.
Hah, yeah it is. It’s clear she is no min/max master, which is refreshing. Ellie is clearly inexperienced and I think it would help the party a lot if Troy guided her a little. She’d have more fun.

The boss fight at the end of the next chapter will kill Pigi (or someone, he is tough). I look forward to that.


Also Ellie seems to have forgotten that, as a Maraquoi, she already has a racial Climb speed of 20. She doesn’t need to take the Climbing Master feat.


Great ending. Love the weaving of the characters’ stories with the AP.

If you haven’t already, upgrade the ship to have dual twin lasers on the turret!!1! Do it!


Oh MY GOD! I loved this episode. The ending monologue was EPIC!


Twin linked coilgun would be my pick but to each their own.


10d8 vs 8d4. Though the twin coilguns would 27 fewer build points. Enough for a sweet mk3 trinode computer.


Great episode all around, I just wished you’d remembered to take Pigi to a spellcaster to have her diseases removed


the ending is absolutely phenomenal. the whole episode was great. also, cast ad reads will always get a complete listen through from me.

Stephen S.

Anybody else having problems getting the episode to play?