Gar and Away

With the party split and all lives hanging in the balance, the final battle for Redlake Fort reaches its dramatic conclusion!

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Jim Havoc

So the GCP guys have GLaDOS as their legal team? Sounds like a bad idea to me


So, I really dislike this turn. Gal was punished for obeying straight DM message, for playing to character, and for being a hero. Granted, it’s not permadead, but it’s still super lame to have a giant fish pretty much take him down (why not give him a chance to avoid the fish? Not every encounter has to jump to roll initiative- conceivable Gal could have summoned a dolphin to keep the gar occupied while he opened the dam lock), *then* when the player comes up with a clever solution have a supervillain sucker punch him. If it was necessary plotwise… Read more »


I totally disagree. That part was blatantly so far off the AP-script that it’s some deal between the DM and PC (but probably not the others). Extremely high-level evil wizards popping around doing nasty shit behind the scenes is DM fiat vessel numero uno. Gel had no way of avoiding that guy, i.e. it’s part of the story. Maybe the player wanted another character, or the GM needed a hostage or a new McGuffin (Potion of Cure Mental Retardation). If this wasn’t planned it’s like saying “Rocks fall, you die”. It makes 0 sense unless you want to end the… Read more »



I’m not crying… My eyes are just sweating!