Gentlemen Prefer Blinds

On the heels of the blindingly magnificent battle on the bridge, the heroes encounter a mysterious and ancient denizen of the Vault.

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Episodes like this always leaves me amazed at how differently people play these games. My group would NEVER bother with a condition like that for 15 odd minutes. It would just be: “I strip naked, someone please coup de grace me, save my gear for my replacement”. Then the player goes for a sandwich or springs for beer, and comes back when the GM found a way to introduce a new PC (everyone obviously brings backup character sheets).
It’s quite fun to hear alternative ways of gaming 🙂


It always confuses me when Troy breaks out an otherwise normal enemy, but has given it abilities it doesn’t have… In this case specifically, it was DR which the normal creature simply doesn’t possess. Like, on top of 18 AC you didn’t think it was hard enough with one of your players being perma blind? ‘,:l


It has DR – check out the Adventure Path Book 2, page 32