Ghoul Run-ins

The crew continues to follow up on the reports from the Ministry of Eternal Vigilance.

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As fun as the combat was, no one has said anything about how hilarious this episode was. I’ve had a very sad, rough week and from the fake documentary intros to the flesh factory workers’ obsession with Frenzel’s wife, I laughed so hard this episode with you guys and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that.


Honestly, this and the GCP (not a patreon supporter yet) have made my life so much more bearable. I haven’t been in a rough spot for a few years, but between this and The Adventure Zone, my life is much more enriched/joyful than before, and I honestly really love these guys.


Great pod! Boy I missed combat, I was beginning to get antsy. Feels good, man.

Flatfooted only applies to those who haven’t acted in the surprise round. It doesn’t apply in normal combat. Its a small change from Pathfinder.


I am so glad for that change. It never made sense to me that you could see a fight coming, have your weapon drawn, and still be “flat-footed” for a moment.

Cliff Durden

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Can’t be sure since I can’t see your battle maps but I think you may be using the wrong scale for The Splice. It’s one square=10ft on that map, should be enough room for that battle. Some of the other maps also don’t have the default scale, something to be aware of


Yes, you’re correct Steve.


I found it hilarious that the scale makes the furniture in the buildings HUGE.


Yeah, I personally hate it when Paizo makes 10ft/square maps for urban areas. I also wish Paizo would provide higher resolution maps with the digital version of the AP… you can’t print or project the maps without it looking like blurry trash.


Yep, just prepped the 5th Dead Suns module. Was just laughing about the giant 7ft toilet on one of the maps on discord


You guys need to get on the ball , getting your episodes loaded up on the correct platforms . I use Google Play and every couple weeks . You miss one , or don’t upload it for almost a week. Or upload last week’s again .

Stop drinking so much in the morning . Love both of the shows. Enough so that im will to comment about me needing to search for the episodes.

Love you bye