Glass Cannon Live! 2020

We’re rolling out the first five tour stops for 2020 and tickets are available now! Make sure you grab yours before they’re gone to be a part of our one of a kind live show experience!

Friday January 24th – Washington D.C. – The Miracle Theatre – Tickets

Friday February 28th – Boston, MA – Paradise Rock Club – Tickets

Saturday March 28th – New York, NY – The Gramercy Theatre – Tickets

Thursday April 23rd – Milwaukee, WI – Turner Hall Ballroom – Tickets

Saturday April 25th – Chicago, IL – Lincoln Hall – Tickets

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Jimmy Perreira

Will ya’ll b going to pax unplugged this year in Philadelphia?


Come to Oklahoma

Neil Flanagan

eagerly awaiting PDX tickets!!


*fingers crossed*
Maybe you’ll come to Canada one day

Joe Miller

Have tickets to the Chicago show, will the video of Milwaukee be up in time to get caught up?

Geoff Garrett

Bring it down to San Antonio boiz!


What’s included with the VIP tickets?

Jasmine S

Meet and greets after the show!


Am I too dumb to know how to but the pre sale tickets?


Be sure and enter the code “NATURAL1” when you visit the sites.


So you have to enter the code in order to get access to preorder tickets. The preorder code is NATURAL1. Boston and D.C. are available right now, Chicago and Milwaukee are available starting at 11AM EST. NYC is available at noon EST. Let me know if you have any other questions.


I can’t seem to even find the link to get to the tickets – please help!


Links weren’t showing up on the “Events” page for me, but they should be on this page, underneath the place and date of the show.