Glass Cannon Live! Atlanta

The Glass Cannon boys are making their first trip to Dragon Con this year so OF COURSE we have to do a Glass Cannon Live! Atlanta show!

Tickets will be available for pre-sale starting tomorrow Wednesday April 3rd at 10AM ET.

The show will be taking place at The Masquerade in Downtown Atlanta on Saturday August 31st. Be sure to visit Ticketmaster in the morning to secure your seats to the HOTTEST show in HOTLANTA taking place during this year’s Dragon Con!


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Devin P Byrnes

If ATL gets too mad at you over the whole H*TLANTA ting you can bring the show on down to JAMlando. (orlando) Even if they are pretty cool about it Do a show in Orlando.

Devin P Byrnes

Sorry, I didn’t intend to put on Jamaican airs

Chris Meyer

Would love to see the guys come to the RDU(Raleigh/Durham) area! We’ve had a meet-up so it’s not a huge stretch 😉 Plenty of awesome spaces to have an event like this.


Please show Nashville some love, don’t stop southern visits with Atlanta. 🙂


Please don’t call it Hotlanta. Monday Night Brewing made a beer clearly stating so. But the GCP bringing the ivory throne to Heaven? That definitely won’t go to Troy’s head.

Richard Hartman

Don’t call it Hotlanta. Everybody down here hates when you call it that.