Going Going Back Back to Valley Valley

With all four elements needed to relight Minderhal’s Forge finally in hand, the party must find their way back behind the palisade surrounding Minderhal’s Cathedral to rejoin their allies.

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I like the way the party realizes (a bit belated perhaps) how important a cleric is. I can’t imagine people setting off on planned adventures without one if Golarion was “real”. Furthermore, in a world where being a cleric makes you a super-doctor without even necessarily going to school, so many people would aspire to become one. Sure, you need to adhere to a specific way of life, but people do that all the time IRL without a fraction of the gain. Medieval times without the risk of wound infection, smallpox or plague. All I’m saying is that clerics would… Read more »


… WTF Troy? Why would there be witch burnings in a world where plenty of people can learn and use magic?
What would the mentality even be behind that kind of behavior, that’d be like a gunsmith being burned at the stake
in the 1800’s ‘,:l


In hindsight, I realize it’s Skid that would have come up with the backstory.


The prevalence of said magic would probably make Witch Burnings all the more common. Witches often have and use chaotic, or evil spells that cause damage to other people.

The fear of witches would be super common due to the fact that one of them would probably slaughter an entire village.

Given that, would you let a witch survive in YOUR village?


I agree with Solfyr. Furthermore, in a world where magical wolverine-style regeneration is a common enough sight, fire must simply be THE way to get rid of casters.
Hell, in that insert she even casts a curse – that’s big juju and most likely a felony in a world where curses WORK.