Good Morning Glipglorp!

The heroes take to the airwaves to try and tell their side of the story.

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It’s been over a month now, but I have to ask: To whom, and how much, do I need to donate to get a full animation of Good Morning Glipglorp!?!


Goddamn, the Doc. I’m just holding a lighter aloft for Skid. So amazing.

george takei

Oh god, a Castrovellian version of Roger Glipglorp would be amazing!!


Oh my


The drift is described as rainbow hued swirls.


I could listen to this episode over and over again, I don’t think it will ever get old! Awesome backstories coming out. A lot of character development, both from the players and Glipglorp himself!

Mark Schwab

I hope there’s a Castrovelian Glipglorp because I wanna see another one of these!

Dan M

Glipglorp!!! I want that lasagna recipe!