Grate Expectations 2: Tar Pool Karaoke

While Fly-raza does reconnaissance on what appears to be a macabre laboratory, the rest of the team plots an ambush from below.

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“Should I cast Silence?” … Man, Grant really needs to buy an Oil of Silence at some point. Costs 250 GP, silences a firearm for 1 hour.


They have used oil of silence before

Derek Chiasson

Joe should’ve gotten an AOO when the enemy picked up his weapon. You guys treated it as drawing a weapon, which isn’t what was happening. He was picking up an item. If you check the Actions in Combat table, it lists picking up an item as an action that does, in fact, provoke.

Mr Phoenyxx

I would like to lodge a formal complaint!

It is very difficult to do an early morning workout while listening to The Glass Cannon Podcast, when the evil boss giant starts talking about trying Bumble and I burst out into gales of laughter for 3 solid minutes. Lolololol!