Hakuna Akata

The crew reaches the quarantine zone where the derelict mining ship and mysterious Drift Rock float ominously in space. Hoping to discover what happened to the missing crew, they hesitantly board the Acreon.

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I think Troy mixed up the stat blocks for an Akata with those of a Void Zombie. He’s calling them Akatas, but assigning it properties that are a mix of both Void Zombies and Akatas.


Nm, the akatas in the AP are different than the ones listed on the d20.


Props on the Event Horizon reference. I saw that movie when I was 15 and hammered off of like… two Schmidt’s beers, and I’ve been terrified of Sam Neill ever since.


The cherry thing was funny.

James A Reece

Hah! Necron… Grant, your 40k is showing, and I love it.
For the Emperor!


I can’t believe it’s been this many episodes and you guys only now figure out she meant sherry!

You should definitely break some out for your next celebration in the “Champagne Rooooom!!!”.

James A Reece

If only they had the champagne room. It’s no longer part of their assets.