Half-Orc Will Travel 2: When Nature Kalls

Just typing up the title and description of tonight’s episode has our hearts in our collective throats. #TheGCP

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Well holy crap in 10 gallon hat, I finally catch up on episodes and this is the bomb shell that waited me.

Daniel Bauer

Right? Holy crap. I hit this yesterday and i blew my damn mind.


So I just listened to this episode after binge listening over the past few months and I know something major happened at the end of it, but I have no idea what. When Troy is describing Silvermane’s birth and he says “deep, deep behind those eyes, L’Orc’s eyes open as well” I don’t understand what that’s supposed to mean? Also, Joe said L’Orc followed Gormli which I thought meant he chose life so I’m confused when they said later “L’Orc chose not to come back” If I can get some clarification I would appreciate it because I’m a little lost.… Read more »

William J Randall

Trick you, the dark side will.

But your training complete, it is not.

Master Wuggles


So does that mean Lorc is a druid now?


I love it when your Catholic shows. Great episode!

Tony Honeycutt

That was really good, and I look forward to future episodes