With their new crew member in tow, the team returns to the Asteroid K9204.

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This music is “Summon the Rawk” by Kevin Macleod. He is a huge composer of Royalty free music. (The main theme is also one of his) I don’t know if Syrinscape includes his music or not, but it is copyright free so anyone could use it, Syrinscape or not. It is not a bad song, but it is mixed a little loud. His recommended use of this song is “perfect for: entrance music for pro-wrestlers, annoying the neighbors, playing “air drums”, long walks on the beach.”


Hey Guys. Long-time listener, first time complainer. Great ep, as always. But… I was wondering what the direction was with this new battle music? Its mixed way louder than any of you and, quite frankly, just doesn’t really “fit” the scenes. and ends up pulling me out of the scene. I think you started using it like 2-3 episodes ago, during which I stopped the episode to make sure something hadn’t popped-up and started playing automatically. I posted about it on the reddit and I think it really does have a jarring effect on us listeners. Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/TheGlassCannonPodcast/comments/bzti8l/androids_aliens_episode_62_hatch22/eqylmfp?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x I trust… Read more »


I think they’re trying to sell Syrinscape, which is merely OK at best. I agree that music is a HUGE part of the GMs job. It’s a lot of work and relies on the GM to be DJ, but I feel it adds to the experience.

I use a lot of Perpetrator for urban fighting and Doom 2016 for demonic combat, though for scary creepy combat I use the Under the Skin movie soundtrack. For ambient exploration, I love Cryochamber. They have a lot of long play creepy sound mixes that aren’t distracting.



Sad week for me. My group is about to catch up to the podcast. I won’t be able to use this as a lazy GM prep tool anymore!


You’re better than that. Don’t be sad, celebrate your new creative freedom!


Fantastic pod. This dungeon is one of my favorites. Its super spooky. One detail missing from the AP is that the walls are actually covered in insane cult graffiti and grizzly trophies, not blank metal walls.

Since the doors in the trap room were open and everyone standing right in front of it, I think Troy was being very generous for not making them roll saves… I mean light doesn’t just stop. Me thinks he didn’t want to kill another one of Ellie’s characters.

Cliff Durden

It sounds like the Resident Evil Movie hallway

Brian Campbell

Yes! Thats exactly what I was thinking about!!!!


That trap… anyone here seen Cube?