Hate the Drake!

When a trio of river monsters descends on the crew, pandemonium ensues as a battle breaks out on the upper deck! But it’s a race against time when the largest of these winged river denizens absconds with some precious cargo.

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Thomas Mims

Wow… relistening to this episode and hearing Grant mention the return of Darth Maul around the 59:00 mark did a number on me. Does he have powers of vague foresight?


“How big is this thing?” “It’s a large creature” …. Uhhhh, yeah so is a war horse? I mean yeah it’s fantasy but, this thing can carry something that weights like 2000+ lbs and would be struggling as both a panicked animal and battle trained creature? ‘,:l


Can people carry people? Then a strong creature of any size should be able to carry another creature of the same size. it doesn’t defy logic to me.