Heavy is the Head That Wears the Crayon

A rash decision leaves the party surrounded on two fronts with nowhere to hide!

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I Know I’m late on this but I’m from Outside Philly in Glenside and Everyone I know also pronounces crayon as “craehn” or “crown” I think It has something to do with the way people around here pronounce the “a” in certain words as “aeh” instead of “aye” such as “maehrio” instead of “maurio” in mario brothers.


Love hearing the Fan Fumbles, Criticals, and Baron’s sayings from the audience!
Excellent way to show how rpgs are a group storytelling experience and first time i’ve seen a podcast really make the audience feel involved!

James A Reece

I weird people out when I say ‘iron’. It’s more along the lines of ‘ahrn’, skipping the barely audible ‘o’. That’s what happens when you immerse yourself in your Southern heritage for a while


I always pronounce milk “melk”


Typical philly trash. SMH.

Peter Lovassy

Don’t worry Joe, my two oldest sons pronounce it “crown” too. Stick to your guns! (It isn’t a Philly thing, we live in the South).
I say “cran”. My wife says “cray-on”.