Helter Skelt-er

The heroes arrive in the city of Skelt to make final preparations for the journey to Skirgaard.

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Great ending! Sir Will is such a well fleshed out character. my favourite in the show! Hope he comes back!

Mark W.

My suggestion for who Lorc should worship is Erastil or he should opt for the Green Faith


I have a question for the GM. Or I think this one’s for him, anyway. So I’m on my second run through the episodes, because aint nobody got time to wait for a whole week, and I just listened to episode 61: Mist Connections. Now, in this episode, the party meets Droja, the oracle, and she informs Lorc that he has a true son somewhere, sired after a night’s “rest” during his Blackarrow days. Did you guys forget about that detail or is that another child entirely, who has nothing to do with this daughter? And if so, how many… Read more »


They talked about this on, I believe, Cannon Fodder 83. The reason given was that the mists are sometimes wrong, and it was in fact that Droja was wrong about it being a son and not seeing that it was a daughter. They also mentioned that this wasn’t something that was forgotten or missed, and then retconned, but a conscious decision by Troy to not have her be 100% right about it. Makes you wonder what else she wasn’t quite right on!


Ah, thanks 🙂
Would have been hilarious though, if every other settlement had a little Lorc running around….


Hi, GCP nation! Long time listener first-time commenter. I wanted to ask about what happened to Lorc’s Irontusk’s iron tusk? I think it might be a neat trinket/necklace for Lorc-lite. I know he buried the body, but I’m sure that in those moments of setting up the body he would have had some time to ponder his knowledge of his last name versus the modification of the tusks of the being he was putting to rest.

Might make for a nice RP trinket or focus.

Anyway, love the show and am excited for the other podcasts to take off!

AJ Taylor

As soon as the last part was coming, I knew EXACTLY what was to come! So saddening, but such a good twist!