Her Dark Materials

With Thoon’s guidance, the heroes reach the cavern with the crack in the ceiling, but the path forward is not as clear as it appears. 

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Three episodes in a row Troy really seems to want Thune to get a weapon and armor. Either it gets them undying loyalty or they’re right to be suspicious of him.

And thanks for the Control+I Roll20 tip, Joe.

Ricardo Sanfins

While I love you all this message is actually for Tiago from Portugal: HI! My name is Ricardo Sanfins, also from Portugal! As you can see by this message I heard the episode and I can say that you are not alone in this country in your love for roleplaying games and the Glass Cannon Network. I really hope you see this message because there are more players here in Portugal than you might think. I will leave a link to a Discord server where you can find players from all over the country. Send a message in the ‘geral’… Read more »