Hit Me With Your Head Shot

A strange creature in the wilderness makes a demand the party cannot possibly agree to!

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Lots of comments on this post… I would like to add that this file has no MetaData for the Download. I don’t know if that matters at all to you all, but I figure I would give you the heads up. Thanks for all the good work you are doing. Been following you since episode 10 or so.


Good thing it didn’t instead try to posses Howie rather than Cat, that would have been all sorts of terrible.


Finally caught up. Love this podcast. Godbless!

Emily P

I’ve got a different error, where the last three minutes or so are repeated and I don’t hear the ending! Is there a problem with the audio player? Weird…

Emily P

Upon reloading it seems to be okay!


It sounds like we miss a round and a half at 21 minutes guys!!! WE NEED TO KNOW!!!! Love you 🙂

P Munyard

Agreed. At 21:25. We miss out on hearing what the mechanical effects are to Lorc after failing his will save rnd 1.


There seems to be an editing error around minute 20. The podcast skips a couple rounds.