Honk If You’re Thorny

Our heroes step through the stone portal into the mysteriously lush and beautiful Vault of Thorns, but they soon find its vines and sweet smelling blossoms conceal an insidious evil!

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“I was studying Druidic” … Uhhhhhh, isn’t Druidic a secret language that Druids guard to the point of hunting down those who learn it that aren’t druids? Pretty sure that’s what the description says about it… Looked it up to be sure “Druidic is a secret language known only to druids. It is a free language for a druid; that is, it doesn’t take up a language slot. Druids are forbidden to teach this language to nondruids and has its own alphabet.” so close, it also says above it “Druid only” so I’m not sure they could have learned it?… Read more »

Justin M Wallace

Agreed, unless Silvermoon taught him, there is no way he’d learn it. And if Silvermoon did teach it, Silvermoon himself would be exiled and hunted and killed.