Incorporeal Punishment

A mysterious creature emerges from within the rock, threatening to rip apart the very molecules that holds the crew together!

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Rick James

It’s not a “clip” you idiot.


Also want to point out – Incorporial creatures should be pretty obvious. In the description of her entrance, Troy said she came out of the cealing, which in hind sight should be the clue that shes incorporial. But the phrasing made it sound like she just came out of a hole in the wall or something, and it got burried in the description of the creature. Thats great for flavor and all, but the GM is the eyes and ears of the party. The focus should not have been on her face and cracked space suite, but rather on the… Read more »

Clinton Oberholster

How does anything BURN in a VACUUM? Remember where you are guys!


I came here for the first time to say that after having just listened to that episode.


Joe’s best game session ever XD. Way to roll


Why didn’t we get a fan critical when Mac crit her ally due to confusion? Did I miss something?


There are no fan criticals in Starfinder. Only fan fumbles. Starfinder criticals have specific rules now that are tied into each weapon.


“For everyone except me, huh?!”


Talk about a nail biter.