It’s Been Kreel

Laser blasts fill the air as the disembarking passengers are caught in the crossfire of an attack on Docking Bay 94!

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Waited to catch up with GCP before coming here. Finally happened last night. Love you guys, but hating Megaphone. No volume control, no way to know how long the episode is, and ads? Honestly don’t know if I’m going to continue.


For like half the episode i thought trpy was saying matr instead of mac i was like jesus man you know he wants to be called mathew lol

Geoff S

amazing play-by-play, but a rules “point of order” Somewhere around minute 40 you work out burn damage from a critical hit. The critted person was allowed a save before taking burn damage. The rules state “at the start of your turn you take xxx damage” and then at the end of their turn they get a save vs. burning as described in video. Really enjoying your series, thank you for doing this.

Miguel Camacho

Will there be a new tumblr to show off some of the goods and arts like the original GCP podcast?


I have listened to other podcasts takes on this combat and I have to say your is the most descriptive and “living” I have heard. Keep up the great work. Are you planning on posing a picture of the map that Troy drew? I would love to see it!

Daniel Arango

He was most likely joking as there is a great map of the docking bay provided in the AP

Kyle Henderson

What is a pile of steam Troy? lol LOVING the new show guys! great work!


Great episode.

Relative new to GCP, being a Starfinder player brought me to you. You should promote this on the Starfinder RPG Discord server. They have a podcast channel which would bring you a fair passel of new viewers, I think.