It’s Getting Rusty in Here

The crew of the Rusty Rivet boards the Sarissa for a parlay.

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Please ad episode navigation buttons like you have on the GCP


The would be great!

Jack Morris

the ads thrown in the middle of the pre show banter isn’t a good fit. not a fan.


I usually skip the preshow banter, so I didn’t mind ;D


“Do you know where…. I can get a blowjob?” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Level 5 is HUGE. I’m excited to get into combat. IMO, PG telling the GM and the audience, “Don’t worry about it” when asking how she leveled up… a little annoying. It’s like not telling your friends what you got for Christmas. The AP states the atmosphere on the Star Eater’s is very thin. My interpretation is it is technically breathable… if you lay down and hyper-ventilate and do little else. Detail oriented GMs can use this detail to set the mood. Sound from weapons (and everything else) would be… Read more »