Jumpin’ KAC Splash

The crew’s search of Asteroid K9204 is interrupted by a deadly predator lurking in acid pool.

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Late to the party, but the episode entitled “P.S. Meisyun’s Dead” kinda ruined the suspense here XD I’m kinda surprised this didn’t end up as a TPK.


I stopped listening after this episode. Such terrible calls from the GM. They led directly to an unwarranted PC death. This is the kind of table I would walk away from.


On the contrary, Troy probably went light with the party. The monster can cast Suggestion to take other PCs out of the fight while it picked them off one by one. Troy only had the monster cast it once to lure the technomancer to the pool. Also, standing in the pool really should count as ‘fully submerged’ and swimming rules were simply ignored. More PCs should be dead.


Hi Troy (if you read these), grappling is very different from Pathfinder, as you mentioned. One primary difference in SF is that the creature that succeeds at a grapple maneuver IS *NOT* GRAPPLED. In fact, the grappling creature has no restrictions imposed on it at all, other than not being able to use the grappling limb for AoO. Since the grappled condition lasts until the end of the next turn, creatures with the “grab” monster ability can actually let go and attack as a part of maintaining it’s grapple. This is incredibly deadly to PCs, as the monster in the… Read more »


I really loved this episode.


The Solarian weapon, despite being made of energy, always hits KAC.


Fun Episode, always great when the dice gods demand sacrifice! RIP Meisyun.

A creature with grab grapples on KAC+4, not 8, and it’s the same roll as the attack that determines it. Also I don’t believe Pin implies Reposition; you pin the target where they are, if you want to move them that’s a another roll.

David H.

This episode was spectacular… Classic Glass Cannon episode, makes the workday livable. Love it guys, keep em coming!!