Knife Guys Finish Last

A half-orc lies dead deep within Bloodsworn Vale. A curse has been lifted, but at what cost?

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Choosing Elf was a biiiiit Meta. Orc would have made more sense story-wise imo


Should they now call him L’elf?

Mister Phoenyxx

He should have gone full Orc. That would have been amazing!


yeah…. the elf choice to me just seemed like something that joe wanted to do for mechanical reasons. Lorc going full orc would make sense for his character – Raag, Orfas, Skreed, Gen. Karguuk, the orc oracles – all of this was pushing him to embrace the orc side of his character… and he always backed up… and the curse kept happening. this was an ideal opportunity for Lorc to “go over” and become the Orc he was always supposed to be. But, alas, Joe went elf, for reasons that still make little sense to me.



Captain Weird Beard

Should have named it “Stray Charles”.


I wonder if Matthew realized he said the wrong number for the podcast.


I also don’t think there is any reason to remove the mental bonuses gained from age. Reincarnate does not call out that you lose the aging bonuses. Any other effect that reduces your age category leaves the mental bonuses in place.


That spell doesn’t affect mental stats. Only physical are modified.


Hey Joe – make sure you read those reincarnation rules fully – doesn’t look like you’ll take any changes to ‘mental’ stats, or any changes to those due to the change in age…