Lake Flaccid

With the prayer of Rosag in hand, the party is overwhelmed by a vicious crustacean abomination.

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Just goes to show how a single and simple encounter can be super deadly if the party isn’t ready for it. It’s like with invisible creatures. The only “unfair” thing was Infernal Healing not working underwater. It is just a wand reworked for fluff after all.


“I’m wielding my power!” … Abusing more like >_>


I’m starting to think, that Joe needs a dice squire or something, to roll all his die for him… Oh, or maybe a dice tower? Take how he’s rolling out of the equation in case he happens to just roll in a weird way that’s causing all these horrible rolls? ‘,:o


Just finished this one and, holy cow, he has the worst luck! He is a good sport about it though.