Let Them Eat Drake

The party comes to a crossroads as the battle with the rift drake concludes.

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@Pathfinderjoshua.s.: From the Infernal Healing entry in the SRD: “The target detects as an evil creature for the duration of the spell and can sense the evil of the magic, though this has no long-term effect on the target’s alignment.”

It doesn’t make sense that a paladin would lose their divine powers due to being targeted by evil spells against their will (no pun intended). Otherwise every time an evil spellcaster attacked them, they’d have to perform a cleansing ritual.


“Can I appraise the booze?” XD


Wait, the spear’s blood damage thing is only a crit? Then why/how was the boss using an ability on/off during the fight that was causing bleed damage?


I can understand what della was thinking with healing from a story point but i dont think she really underatand what she had done to sir william. Can you imagine the rage he would feel how dirty he would feel and soiled i honestly wouldnt have been suprised if troy had made sir william lose his paladin abilitys for a small bit until he underwent a trail to gain favor with yomadi sorry for the horrible spelling. But also even look at it from the veiw of the goddess she would obviously know that one of her chosen would be… Read more »