Meisyun: Impossible

After an unlikely victory, the party continues their exploration of the mysterious Drift Rock.

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Still catching up. If you can put out a Burn by rolling around in water, I think it’s fair to say that you can’t Burn in a vacuum.


An even later response, but in space Burning could always be white hot pieces of metal burning the flesh. Vacuums are great insulators, so the heat won’t radiate anywhere but into the person who’s burning.


This is really late (since I’m just catching up) but I really feel the need to point out that Akata have Fire resistance 5.


I think that the GM didn’t enforce that because they were going to die without DAX’s artillery laser… though I don’t understand why DAX insists on using the laser even in melee; you can drop a weapon as a free action and draw a weapon as a move action (or as part of a move action).

Also they are playing Mac’s Get ‘Em! wrong; she just gives the boost to one person, but she should be buffing the entire party against a single enemy.


Which is weird ‘cos that’s how they were playing it at the start


They never should have left initiative until Mac was stabilized.


I love this podcast, will always love this podcast, but this episode is just them staring around an empty room. NOTHING HAPPENED AT ALL.

Doug B

Starfinder is brutal and I would not be surprised at a higher body count with Dead Suns vs. Giant Slayer. I fully expect a TPK in this series at some point.