Mist Connections

A visit to the tent of a mysterious oracle unveils long-held secrets of the past, present and future.

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Stop talking to the XP!

Seriously though, very nice job from Troy. Don’t know many people who would bother to prep that much for a conversation. Cool for the listeners though 🙂


(sung to the tune of Natural One by Folk Implosion)

Lorc’s the one, the natural one, he takes it easy. He takes it all in stride. Called paper pusher and a halfie, he always keeps his pride.

Yeah, he can take it. Thorn of Gorum and Ironwood plated. Cool because he made it, but it won’t matter what he rolls, cause the DM won’t let him be free.


Oh finally the full effects of the Hammer are being revealed. It has been bugging me since the Hammer was introduced but I am watching over 2 years in the future from the airing of these episodes so it seemed pointless to point out that they never fulling Identified the Hammer. Although I would like to see the math behind the attacks because it seems like up to this point they haven’t been treating it as a +2 Impact Hammer. At least not damage-wise.