Mummy Issues

The party continues their battle against the depraved daughter of Urgathoa and her temple servitors.

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Geoff G

*Possible Spoiler Alert for this episode!*

At around 1:06:00, did Troy take an attack of opportunity against Baron for making a 5 foot step? I though that did NOT provoke AoO? Because after you made your unjust AoO, he was compelled to make a full attack, undoing his 5ft step. C’mon TROY! Baron, you should be a…..o…..KAY!

EDIT: Thank You Phillip, I have been corrected. Barron…..good luck.


The attack of opportunity is from Barron making ranged attacks while in melee range.


Hey, sorry in advance if this got brought up before and I didn’t see it but you should know that undead creatures lose their previous typings which means, for instance, a Frost Giant Zombie isn’t a giant anymore for the purposes of Bane, Favored Enemy… or defensive training. If you need to know whether any of those things apply, just check the third line after the name ( on this instance it’d read something like this: CE Large undead (augmented humanoid, cold)) Secondarily, I have no way of double-checking this but it strikes me as odd seeing as you’re so… Read more »


Love you guys, keep up the good work!