Nest Side Story

The heroes face impossible odds as they find themselves caught in a nest full of dragons!

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Wait… If blinding a creature causes it to take disadvantage on attacks even if it has blind-sense, then why didn’t it have disadvantage against Joe’s character while he was invisible? Can’t recall if they only used AOE on him while he was invisible and not a normal attack roll? ‘,:lc


Laughing at the comment in regards to GMs being stingy with info learned from Knowledge checks. We deal with this almost weekly in our campaign.
Me: “Can I make a knowledge check to figure out what this thing is, perhaps any weaknesses, etc?”
GM: “Sure, you can try. Roll Planes”
Me: “Planes? Awesome, I’m good at that.” Dice rolls…… “that’s a 42”
GM: “42, eh…. yeah, you’ve never seen one of these before.”


Because of the wording I let then choose Offenses, Defense, Special abilities. Get the DC, you get the stats block for that choice. For every 5, I give you the joining block going down. Choose D, and crush it by 5, get the special abilities section. Crush it by 10, I link you to the creature page.


Well… this is it. They can’t possibly get any better than this. Holy cow.