Of Scythe and Men

The thrilling battle with the eerie giant and undead Orfas comes to its nail-biting conclusion!

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Eric Mikszta

I started listening to GCP around a year ago. I decided to start with ep 161, just because I wanted to see what this was all about. I got past ep 200 before I decided I absolutely had to start from the beginning.

Listening back to this ep… The first time around I remembered thinking, “wow, PC death. These guys are playing for keeps.” Hearing Lorc die (again), I mean my heart just sank.

Thank you GCP for such awesome shows.


Troy is such amp evil @#$%! The undead npc isn’t there in the adventure path. Obviously, Troy was just sick of not killing PCs.

Dan Balm

New androids and aliens was on my plan…… Nope


Nothing of interest on the Graveknight? You always say the armor of the graveknight is worth taking, because that’s where he will respawn from. Best case one of them wears it, and is taken over by it. Worst case they toss it in a bag of holding, and the next time Barron puts his arm into the bag he’s pulled in by a newly respawned undead, which is also a great outcome.

Also, as a side note, why acid? Seems like with his death by a hot branding iron, fire would relate more to his demise?


I just binge listened to all the episodes for about eight hours a day at least five times a week. You guys are freaking awesome. Best tabletop rpg podcast that I’ve ever listened to by far, and I’ve listened to quite a few. I’m so bummed that I’ll only hear it once a week now!


And once more LaVallee shows us there is no boundary to his wickedness, brutal cliffhanger. Loved it!

Derek Chiasson

On a 100, Troy should opt to reincarnate Lorc as a greensting scorpion. How awesome would it be to have Lorc and Howie hanging out on Barron’s shoulder offering commentary during combat? Troy, make it happen!

David Folsom

Awesome roleplaying guys. So intense and worth every second.

Alex G.

The cliffhangers are starting to get mean!


Super intense, this episode was great!

Marge West

Holy hell Joe, I feel for you this episode.

Kyle Ashcraft

I don’t know if it’ll save Lorc but the giant’s energy drain has a dc to prevent the level drain.


I love Fairaza’s angle in this episode. I think it’d be a neat direction to take her. And this is a topic that a druid would surely have debates over. I think Matthew played it out perfectly