Only the Good Die Tongue

The party comes upon more members of the Acreon’s crew who have succumbed to the final stages of void death.

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Hey Glass Cannon Cast, Love everything you do. Keep up the good work!


I will be sad if “Matthew… you’re cool!” doesn’t become a drop.


For reals, rest. I’m with Paul on this. These are getting hard to listen to, damn.


HELLO JOE, MATTHEW, GRANT, SKID, and ELLIE. You guys need to rest back at the Acreon. NOW. All this talk of not resting because Matthew will die from the disease… well, EVERYONE is going to die if try to fight one more battle. I don’t think your listeners want a TPK! Well maybe they do…I don’t. Just go back and rest please. Recharge Joe’s batteries in the ship core, get his strength back up.


For reals… I know it will be TPK if they don’t rest.


It’s a swift action to free your hand from a two handed weapon and vice versa. So Dax can swift to free his hand to steady his off-kilter, but won’t be able to put his hand back to fire.


they are going to be TPK’d. this was BRUTAL.

Troy, i think, is going to go easy on them….


Hard to tell with the maniacal laughter though 🙂


Man you guys suck so hard at rules. Off Kilter includes the Flat Footed condition. This is an AC penalty AND you cannot take reactions when FF, so no OAs either. I think the crew should get a pass on this fight.

Oh, I’m planning on running this later which is why I’m being such a rules lawyer. I’m using your playthrough to brush up.


Also Trick Attack treats the enemy as flat-footed as well..


Too true. Trick attack itself does not provoke, so if an operative succeeds in the TA roll, she can move away or fire without worrying about an AoO.