Pathfinder Playtest Session 1 Goes LIVE Friday!


The time has come to take this dog and pony show to the next level. This Friday August 24th at 8PM ET, we are going LIVE on twitch with Part 1 of the Pathfinder Playtest adventure – Doomsday Dawn!

This will only be consumable on video so here’s what you need to do to watch:

  1. Go to and start a free account.
  2. Follow theglasscannon on twitch.
  3. Watch us live, raw and uncut this Friday night!

The videos will be available on demand to all of our twitch subscribers for a few days after the live show airs before eventually moving to YouTube, so be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel as well!

Break out the shandonis and get ready to laugh as the Glass Cannon boys stumble through a new system with brand new 1st level characters! What could go wrong!?

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Rick Viator

Sooooooo…….. downloaded the Twich app last night, found the Glass Cannon page, found the Playtest, clicked on it, “You Must Subscribe”. After figuring out how to do that(which seemed way more complicated that it should be and apparently can’t be done from the app) the lowest tier you can subscribe to costs $4.99 a month. I am a Patreon member, albeit at the $5 tier, and I don’t feel like this sort of thing should be a cost service. Especially for someone like me who does not use Twich for any other purpose. It feels like I am being nickle… Read more »


it’s free to watch live. if you want to see it afterwards on the twitch, you have to subscribe to twitch.

confused me too.

BUT IT’S ON YOUTUBE NOW so don’t fret none.

Rick Viator

Makes sense. Thanks for clarifying. If it is going to release
this quickly on Youtube then it is no issue at all.


Will the YouTube port be a direct video dump, or an edited version? I’m hoping for a direct dump, as my time zone difference combined with my work schedule makes the ability to catch the live streams unlikely but I don’t want to miss those moments.


Are there any plans to put this out in podcast format?


Seconded – after working at a screen all day, I really like to keep my entertainment off-screen.

Derek Bizier

It does claim it will be consumable by video only. Let’s hope for a change of heart