Patrol Alt Delete

A hasty decision leaves the party with their backs up against the wall.

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Uhm improved critical and keen don’t stack. I think skid ment critical focus though.

Tactical Giraffe

I would love seeing maps for Giant Slayer, Androids, and ROTLC. Maybe I’m spoiled after watching all the live shows, but it helps visualize the combat.

Anthony Adam

OMG! Next episode of Giantslayer will have the millionth Giantslayer podcast second! To date, Giantslayer episodes total 998,509 seconds, just 24 minutes and 51 seconds away from the millionth second. But there’s more, Android and Aliens totals 303,457 seconds, an average 45 sessions from their half million second. And yes, there’s more, the Patreon only Raiders of the Lost Continent (Ruins of Azlant) has 208,045 seconds logged, an average 10 sessions away from their quarter millionth second! And yes, even more! Take all of the podcasts, the lives, disorganised plays, specials, cannon fodders, everything – everything released up to the… Read more »