Pit Could Happen to You

The new party arrives at the dormant volcano of Ashpeak as the next chapter of their epic quest to save the world begins.

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After months of daily listening during commutes and boring evenings I have finally caught up with the show. I couldn’t be less happy. The infinite supply of awesomeness has run dry.


Not since the gang learned how to pronounce Iomedae have I heard so many mispronunciations of the same word in a single hour. At least Skid knows how to pronounce portcullis.


For the silence spell you only get to make a save if the spell is cast directly on you. If you are in the area of effect you don’t even get a save.

That balances out because if the spell is directly on you, it goes where ever you go. This gives you a chance to avoid the spell and make it not even happen.

If you just walk into an area of silence you can just walk out of that area.


This is awesome. And as a reminder summoning spells does not end invisibility.

bork bork

Matthew said the his character is not a prostitute. But then, Troy asks “Umbriel escort let you take as meany people as you want?” and Matthew responds with “Yes”… Matthew you don’t have to be ashamed. Also how much for a half and half? I’m just asking for a friend.

Anthony Adam

Hey Guys, you are now just 10 sessions away from 1 million seconds of Giantslayer podcast!

Matt Sanchez

“Of course I have dark vision! How do you think I see my johns!?” Thank you for that little gold piece Troy lol.