Androids & Aliens

Androids & Aliens is an officially licensed Starfinder actual play podcast of Paizo’s Dead Suns Adventure Path. Launched in 2018 as the second weekly show for the network, A&A is set in the distant future as five strangers find themselves caught in the middle of an interstellar mystery that threatens the very existence of the galaxy!

New episodes of Androids & Aliens air every Friday night at 8PM EST on Twitch and the podcast version drops every Wednesday for free on your podcast app of choice.

It’s Getting Rusty in Here

The crew of the Rusty Rivet boards the Sarissa for a parlay.


Asteroid Flare-Up

The crew of the Sarissa regroup before jumping into the Drift en route to The Field of the Lost.


This Loot Was Made for Hawking

With Tahomen and his minions defeated, the crew comes to grips with the transmission he sent to the Devourer cult cell in the Diaspora.


Meisyun? Impossible!

The crew come face to face with the cult leader Tahomen and learn firsthand that the Devourer will consume all.


The Nightmare Before Crystal

With the temple seemingly cleared of danger, the crew ascends the spiral staircase in the inner sanctum.


Spear and Present Danger

The crew enters the Inner Sanctum of the Temple of the Twelve in search of more answers.


Automatic for the Steeple

The battle within the Temple of the Twelve takes an unexpected turn.