Androids & Aliens

Androids & Aliens is an officially licensed Starfinder actual play podcast of Paizo’s Dead Suns Adventure Path. Launched in 2018 as the second weekly show for the network, A&A is set in the distant future as five strangers find themselves caught in the middle of an interstellar mystery that threatens the very existence of the galaxy!

New episodes of Androids & Aliens air every Friday night at 8PM ET on Twitch and the podcast version drops every Wednesday for free on your podcast app of choice.

The Clannish Prisoner

Having eliminated the cultists and subdued the shirren sniper, the team looks to their prisoner for answers.


Don’t Perceive the Snipe

Chasing down the source of the sniper fire within the ancient elven statue, the team is greeted in the darkness by a grenade.


Rat Poisoned

Caught in an open plaza with nowhere to run, the party is harried by an unknown shooter. Meanwhile, Dr. Kundatu Friss clings to life as fisher poison courses through his veins.


The Sniper at the Gates of Dawn

In the shadow of an ancient statue, the party is harassed by a huge flying predator while sniper shots continue to rain down from an unknown location.


Elf Defense Techniques

The jungle opens up to reveal an ancient monument rising above the ruins of an enormous plaza.


Baby, It’s Mold Outside

As a mold storm sweeps across the jungle skies, the party must make quick decisions on how to survive.


Protocol Me Maybe

The jungle continues to take its toll, both physically and mentally, upon the party.