Androids & Aliens

Androids & Aliens is an officially licensed Starfinder actual play podcast of Paizo’s Dead Suns Adventure Path. Launched in 2018 as the second weekly show for the network, A&A is set in the distant future as five strangers find themselves caught in the middle of an interstellar mystery that threatens the very existence of the galaxy!

New episodes of Androids & Aliens air every Friday night at 8PM ET on Twitch and the podcast version drops every Wednesday for free on your podcast app of choice.

Figment of Your Insemination

Meisyun and Dax must fight off a horrifying infection as a creature stalks the party deep within the jungle.


Eat Prey Love

A search of the area surrounding the Rune Obelisk reveals clues to its past significance, but as their jungle trek continues, the party soon realizes they are not alone in the wilderness.


Lure, Serious Wounds

In the shadow of an ancient monument, an unknown force lures Meisyun and Pigi towards a mesmerizing predator.


War Figs

The yaruk stampede pushes the heroes deeper into the dangerous depths of the Castrovelian jungle!


The Stumble in the Jungle

The crew is left at the edge of the jungles of Ukulam with only a centuries old braggart’s guide to lead their way.


10 Things I Gate About You

The crew pleads their case to the Qabarat Port Authority in an attempt to gain access to the gate to Ukulam.


Singin’ in the Zane

A mysterious stranger may know more that he’s letting on, but the information comes at a dangerous price.