Cannon Fodder

A monthly behind the scenes look at The Glass Cannon Network and all the happenings in #GCPNation!

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Cannon Fodder 9

Skid is back by popular demand! He joins Troy and Joe as they discuss the battle against the ogres in Episode 63, the times when you should tell your GM that they are wrong and the many ways to award experience points in your game.


Cannon Fodder 8

Troy and Joe welcome a special guest to Cannon Fodder this week! They discuss what was really going on in Kargukk’s tent, their strong feelings on min/maxing and when it’s time to kick a player out of your game.


Cannon Fodder 7

In the longest episode of Cannon Fodder yet, Troy and Joe try to cover all of the shocking revelations of Episode 61. Plus, they answer a fan’s timely question about character development and story progression.


Cannon Fodder 6

Troy and Joe break down the events of Episode 60 and try to dig deeper into the mystery of Redlake Fort’s ominous past. Plus, in a Cannon Fodder first, Joe surprises Troy with an unexpected backstory from Lorc’s past.


Cannon Fodder 5

Troy and Joe recap the approach to the infamous Redlake Fort, discuss what goes into preparing a sandbox adventure and answer the question of a listener who isn’t related to Joe!


Cannon Fodder 4

Troy and Joe talk about the split party battle in Episode 58, how much GMs should let players talk strategy to each other during combat rounds and ways to bring a new character into an ongoing storyline.


Cannon Fodder 3

This week Troy and Joe discuss the emotional events of Episode 57, talk about the importance of remembering to ACTUALLY role-play in your sessions and answer our first listener email question!