Cannon Fodder

A behind the scenes look at The Glass Cannon Network and all the happenings in #theNaish.

Cannon Fodder has gone through several iterations over the years as the Network has grown and expanded. It started as a weekly companion show to our flagship podcast, then became monthly, then went to Twitch, then was put on the shelf indefinitely as we started releasing more and more actual play content.

Due to popular demand and the support of our Patreon subscribers, you can now enjoy Cannon Fodder Friday EVERY Friday afternoon live and free for all on Twitch with the podcast version available to our $10 Patreon subscribers.

Cannon Fodder 17

On a very special Cannon Fodder, Troy and Joe recap the events of Episode 71, discuss the pros and cons of having an evil character in your party and interview the author of The Hill Giant’s Pledge, Book Two of the Giantslayer Pathfinder Adventure Path, Larry Wilhelm!


Cannon Fodder 16

Troy and Joe break down the epic finale of Book Two and talk about their conflicting emotions on everything that went down. They also discuss what was actually in the middle buildings of Redlake Fort and share their thoughts on homebrewing a campaign.


Cannon Fodder 15

Troy and Joe discuss the brutal events that unfolded in Episode 69, their predictions for the outcome and what steps players can take to maintain interest in their characters for a long period of time. Plus, Cannon Fodder Trivia ends this week! Can you get the last question correct and increase your odds at getting a free Pathfinder Bestiary 5 Pawn box!?


Cannon Fodder 14

Troy and Joe discuss what was really going on behind the hideous ritual of Episode 68, what to do when your PCs discover the boss prematurely, the best ways to use foreshadowing as a GM and how to keep the action moving if parts of your campaign are dragging. Plus a listener challenges Troy to reexamine his position on min-maxing!


Cannon Fodder 13

Last week’s special guest, Marvel Comics Executive Editor Nick Lowe, returns to join Troy and Joe in a discussion of the outcome of the Grenseldek fight, how to create the best villains, what it’s like playing with an evil-aligned PC and all the other nerdy stuff we’re into!


Cannon Fodder 12

Troy and Joe land their biggest guest yet this week by way of Executive Editor at Marvel Comics and official GCP composer in residence Nick Lowe! They discuss the events of Episode 66, ways in which GMs AND comic book writers can balance personal stories with the team’s greater goals, the ideal group size to start a new game, and how to choose from the one million feats that are available to your character.


Cannon Fodder 11

Troy and Joe welcome some special guests to discuss the big reveals of Episode 65, how to be a better roleplayer and what to do when your gaming group can’t meet regularly.