Cannon Fodder

A behind the scenes look at The Glass Cannon Network and all the happenings in #theNaish.

Cannon Fodder has gone through several iterations over the years as the Network has grown and expanded. It started as a weekly companion show to our flagship podcast, then became monthly, then went to Twitch, then was put on the shelf indefinitely as we started releasing more and more actual play content.

Due to popular demand and the support of our Patreon subscribers, you can now enjoy Cannon Fodder Friday EVERY Friday afternoon live and free for all on Twitch with the podcast version available to our $10 Patreon subscribers.

Cannon Fodder 79

This week, Troy and Joe talk about day one in the new studio space and recap the role-playing heavy Episode 133. In Listener Mail, they discuss if it’s up to the GM or the players themselves to police oversights in character creation or during the actual game.


Cannon Fodder 78

The whole gang is here this week to talk about the new Glass Cannon studio space, the opening of Book 4 of Giantslayer and how this multi-level party will fare in the battles to come. In Listener Mail, Joe gets over-excited about a Paladin archetype and all the guys weigh in on the seeming imbalance between player character ACs and monster to-hit modifiers at higher levels.


Cannon Fodder 77

Troy and Joe welcome Skid to the fod as they recap the mind-blowing finale of Book Three. The guys will process all the reveals from Episode 131, roll initiative in Second Chance Theatre and, in Listener Mail, talk about some of the most common mistakes they made when they first started GMing.


Cannon Fodder 76

Troy and Joe recap PAX Unplugged and the episode they recorded in a Philly Airbnb. They discuss how to give your dead PCs a proper swan song, the magic of letting the dice tell the story, and the awesome power of a high level inquisitor. In Listener Mail, they offer some advice to a player struggling with the code of a paladin of Iomedae.


Cannon Fodder 75

This week, Troy and Joe attempt to scratch the surface of all the events from Episode 129 while also trying to contain their excitement over heading to PAX Unplugged! In Listener Mail, they offer suggestions on how to handle players who insist on inserting themselves into every role-playing situation.


Cannon Fodder 74

Troy and Joe discuss ways GMs can roleplay evil characters, how to handle character death early in a combat and the work behind the scenes that went into the poetic return of Fairaza. In Listener Mail, they talk about roleplaying in PFS and GMing for power gamers.


Cannon Fodder 73

Troy and Joe relive the party’s epic dragon fight, highlight some of the classes in Paizo’s Occult Adventures and announce an exciting giveaway for #GCPNation!