Cannon Fodder

A behind the scenes look at The Glass Cannon Network and all the happenings in #theNaish.

Cannon Fodder has gone through several iterations over the years as the Network has grown and expanded. It started as a weekly companion show to our flagship podcast, then became monthly, then went to Twitch, then was put on the shelf indefinitely as we started releasing more and more actual play content.

Due to popular demand and the support of our Patreon subscribers, you can now enjoy Cannon Fodder Friday EVERY Friday afternoon live and free for all on Twitch with the podcast version available to our $10 Patreon subscribers.

Cannon Fodder 72

Troy and Joe discuss the perils of relying on resting, the risk of placing an encounter right before the boss fight, and the flexibility a GM should exhibit when encountering different play styles. In Listener Mail, they get a lesson in anthropology and weigh in on the value of pre-generated characters.


Cannon Fodder 71

The gang’s all here to talk about what has brought their characters to this point and predict what will come next as the finale of Book Three looms. In Listener Mail, they address the difficult question of how GMs can balance encounters for an imbalanced party.


Cannon Fodder 70

Troy and Joe discuss using research to better your roleplaying, setting a high bar for every session, the final days of the Trunau Five and what is happening in Troy’s sleep-deprived brain. In Listener Mail, they break out their first discussion of Starfinder by bridging the gap between the genres of fantasy and sci-fi.


Cannon Fodder 69

This week, Troy and Joe are joined by Skid and Grant to talk about the epic extra-long episode 123, high HP/low AC encounters and Barron’s faulty gun. In Listener Mail, they discuss ways in which GMs can avoid saying too much to their players on accident about what their characters know and don’t know.


Cannon Fodder 68

Troy and Joe analyze the state of the team and break down their new level 10 powers. They discuss having an open door policy for player ideas, how GMs can ask questions without tipping their hand, and reveal how Troy may have let the team get away with a big one. In Listener Mail, they talk about players that don’t put the work in and the many ways to track experience in a campaign. Joe brings up an inferior system and Troy gets saucy real fast.


Cannon Fodder 67

Joe asks Troy his thoughts on the results of the double encounter idea from Episode 121. The ensuing conversation brings up discussions on Charm Monster, Quick Draw, competitive players and GMs, and Troy’s alleged fudging of rolls. Then, it’s a rapid fire Listener Mail with lots of comments and questions brought up live on air!


Cannon Fodder 66

Troy and Joe raise questions about the best time to lay out burst AOE damage against your PCs, if you should change the treasure of pre-written adventures to fit the party, and whether you should keep an accurate record of the passage of in-game time. In a light Listener Mail, they lay out all the equipment they bring to the table to make for an engaging and efficient game.