The Glass Cannon Podcast

The Glass Cannon Podcast is an officially licensed Pathfinder actual play podcast of Paizo’s Giantslayer Adventure Path, using the Pathfinder 1st Edition rules set. As the flagship show of the network, the GCP is widely considered the gold standard of actual play podcasts.

New episodes of the Glass Cannon Podcast drop every Tuesday for free on your podcast app of choice.

Face the Rainbow 4: Something Wicked This Spray Comes

As the heroes struggle to finish off the Liniratis, the naga still has a few tricks up her sleeve.


Face the Rainbow 3: Snake and the Gat Man

The naga’s relentless barrage pushes the crew to the brink!


Face the Rainbow 2: One Crazy Knight

The battle with the spirit naga and her prismatic spray barrage continues!


Face the Rainbow

The heroes face off against one of Volstus’ most powerful allies.


GL Numbs

With the golem and elementals narrowly defeated, the heroes press on.


The Fountaindead

Watery vortexes engulf the heroes as a creature made of liquid metal threatens to end the entire mission.


Dead Above Water

With the Abyss Gigas defeated, the heroes’ remaining options on this level of the castle are few.