The Glass Cannon Podcast

The Glass Cannon Podcast is an officially licensed Pathfinder actual play podcast of Paizo’s Giantslayer Adventure Path, using the Pathfinder 1st Edition rules set. As the flagship show of the network, the GCP is widely considered the gold standard of actual play podcasts.

New episodes of the Glass Cannon Podcast drop every Tuesday for free on your podcast app of choice.

A Dick in the Boat

After narrowly surviving what appears to be a deliberate attempt on his life, Lorc and the rest of the party put on their detective hats as they attempt to uncover the identity of the saboteur aboard the Chelish Devil!


Stop, Croc and Roll

A suspicious accident sends Lorc plunging from the deck into the icy waters below as deadly denizens of the river race to tear him limb from limb. Meanwhile his companions call on allies old and new to try and save their friend from a watery grave!


A River Puns Through It

Avast ye mateys! The party sets sail aboard the Chelish Devil. Their destination? Adventure! Will these landlubbers take to boating like a duck to water or will they go overboard when they smell something…fishy?


Nobody Expects the Thomas Exposition!

An old friend returns to help the heroes confront ghosts from the past, even as Trunau’s Council of Defenders tasks them with their greatest quest yet!


Ivory Hall & Oates

The Glass Cannon boys take a moment to reflect on the events of Book One of the Giantslayer campaign (and drop a little knowledge on the world of Golarion) before launching into the exciting events of Book Two!


Cave of Mutilation

With a battered and bound Skreed in tow, the adventurers seek a way out of the caverns beneath Bloodmarch Hill. But will curiosity get the better of them as they stumble into even greater danger?


Skreed Between the Lines

With the mastermind behind the Trunau attacks finally subdued, the party gets their chance to pry what clues they can of the larger plot. But a threat still lurks in the darkness that could make this ancient underground tomb our heroes’ final resting place as well!