Wicked Empire

Using the Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition game system, Dungeon Master Jared Logan crafts a stunning original adventure where no one meets in a tavern and everyone has a license to kill. Set on a remote tropical island full of exploding buildings, shattering glass, and gravity defying martial arts, Wicked Empire is a summer blockbuster of a D&D 5E campaign that makes a Michael Bay film look like a church service.

Starring Sydney Amanuel, Ross Bryant, Clare Grant and Noura Ibrahim, new episodes of Wicked Empire air every Monday night at 8PM ET on Twitch and the podcast version drops the following Monday for free on your podcast app of choice.

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The Reign of Tethy

In the season finale, with the odds entirely stacked against them, the heroes make one last desperate attempt to prevent the villainous Tethy from executing his plans for world domination.


The Temple

The agents discover that the secret behind the pleasures of Temple Bay is far deeper and far more sinister than they ever imaged.


Mother Khana

The ruler of Temple Bay is weakened and poised to fall.


The Pleasure Dome

The agents attempt to sneak into the Pleasure Dome after hearing a rumor that Mother Khana may be there to attend the evening’s main event.


A Hostel Encounter

The agents regroup and attempt to blend in with the island’s visitors before the Red Wave hunts them down.


The Search for Skunt

Devastated and broken, the team flees into the poppy fields in a desperate attempt to find their missing contact.


The Spy Who Walked Into the Cold

The slow infiltration of the island’s drug lab escalates into a harrowing confrontation.