Wicked Empire

Using the Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition game system, Dungeon Master Jared Logan crafts a stunning original adventure where no one meets in a tavern and everyone has a license to kill. Set on a remote tropical island full of exploding buildings, shattering glass, and gravity defying martial arts, Wicked Empire is a summer blockbuster of a D&D 5E campaign that makes a Michael Bay film look like a church service.

Starring Sydney Amanuel, Ross Bryant, Clare Grant and Noura Ibrahim, new episodes of Wicked Empire air every Monday night at 8PM ET on Twitch and the podcast version drops the following Monday for free on your podcast app of choice.

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Hard Drugs

A mysterious and deadly creature slips through the jungle foliage to attack the party before they can rest.


The Island

Packed like sardines amongst the stalls of the crowded Temple Bay Market, Grinsen and his team must find a way to defeat the dreaded Red Wave, or escape!


I’m Putting Together a Team

An aging spymaster brings together a unique team to infiltrate a tropical haven of vice and villainy.