Portal Kombat

While attempting to make their way across the Broken Lands, a creature attacks from the skies!

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The pacific north west doesn’t get snow… are you kidding me? Our weather is unpredictable. Sometime you’re right no snow..:until it snowed I July one year. Then the next winter dry as a log.

We get all the seasons even ones that arnt real


It sounded like Matthew thinks the pac nw deals with snow poorly? Son it snows three feet every year here what are you on about


On the ‘crush-depth’ thing: it’s dramatic as all heck, but I don’t know if its realistic.

Any gas with a pressure high enough to crush you is going to have passed through a phase transition and become a liquid.

A humanoid player-character (though maybe not Qualo) would be bouyant in most liquids, and their fall would quickly be arrested. Possibly fatally-quickly.

Maybe PCs could fall to crush-depth in a low-density, non-buoyant liquid? Not enough characters to discuss here.


By the time the gases are being compressed enough to form a liquid your lungs have been crushed and your heart would no longer be able to pump blood around your body (or alien equivalents).


I doubt that the gas would crush you… You would eventually hit a point where your body is denser than the gas and you’d float like you’re in water. The problem is that the friction from the dense gas would burn you ( like a shuttle re-entering). If you don’t die from the heat and your environment suit is functional, then there is a chance at rescue.


I thought about friction death, but I don’t think the situation allows for orbital re-entry speeds.

If teenagers & corpses fall downwards off the platform, then the station is already synced to planetary rotation. Otherwise there would be corpses trailing the station through orbit. (Ofc no orbital motion means the station must be kept ‘up’ by e.g. anti-gravs).

I guess PG would hit terminal velocity and slow down further when she hit the top of Venus-level gas densities. Yes, rescue!


So, regarding Dr. Friss and the bleeding shot exploit, I believe that the bleed damage it takes is a one time thing as the wording states “takes bleed damage” not “gains the bleeding condition”. Its an important distinction and based on the wording I think the damage was qualified as bleeding so that certain types of creatures (constructs, etc.) would be resistant or immune to it. If it gains the condition then Friss’ best use would be to bleeding shot first round every time to set up the dmg.


Double side note, at level 7 Friss can avoid rolling for trick attacks (the trick part, not the attack part) by using the Specialization Skill Mastery operative ability to take a 10 on specialization skills (in his case it would be sense motive and culture). As Detective lets him use Sense Motive with a +4 on the check, he could take a 10 on the roll +4 +skill mod on every turn. Hopefully he built Friss in a way that he can use this or, take skill focus in (stealth?) To auto 10 the stealth chk


Thats a great tip.


You are 100% correct, Nuni. Good catch.


Really fun episode! I knew the broken lands would be. I also find it funny how many times the table went “PG WOOOOOAHH SUPER NOVA” only to be followed by a huge wet fart. The Solarian offensive powers are mostly terrible because of the low DCs.


The Cincinnati Kid strikes again. Omg. I have to stop listening to this at work. My coworkers are getting concerned.


Ya know, it was kinda funny when Ellie was the new player and Troy was putting her through the grinder, but now it seems every combat he focuses mostly on just attacking her over and over. Seems kinda petty.
She’s a battle-scarred 7ft monkey woman, aside from Kreska she’s easily the most intimidating physically. I couldn’t see creatures thinking she’d be the best target over a tiny rat man, a weird gastropod, and an android that dresses like a teenager mad at his dad.


Honestly most of the time it’s cause she puts herself up front and monsters have mostly melee attacks.

Kirk Corbett

She puts herself in those situations. He just takes advantage as would any opportunistic opponent.


Also her character isn’t very good at frontlining, despite that’s where she places herself. Hopefully she gets to roll a better character soon.


PG was a fair target this time – if you remember, she was dangling from a cable when she was attacked.

Troy nerfed the drama just at the end there. He should have had the monster latch on with its claws and made it clear that it was about to take off with her on its next round. Then the party would have had to kill it before it took off.

Falling to crush-depth locked in the claws of a bled-out Apex Predator would have been a badass way to go. Troy should have risked it!


I agree, The Claw. Hopefully PG disappears forever (or comes back a cool cyborg) and Ellie can roll a better character. 😀