Ranger Things 2

In the final episode of 2017, Lorc hopes to commune with the spirits of Bloodsworn Vale as the party gains admittance to the tent of a Skoan-Quah shaman.

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After Lorc’s readied action to attack when XXX (hidden for spoiler sake) appeared, shouldn’t he have had his actual turn?

My understanding is that the readied action takes an action to prepare, and then happens during the triggering action. The way it happened in the episode was the action was prepared, the trigger happened, the prepared action took place, and then the opponent took a whole extra turn before Lorc acted.

Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Fred Weisenberger II

Finally caught up! This Podcast is awesome! I’ve listened to a lot of role-playing podcasts lately and you guys are one of the few that get the awesome story, combined with great role-playing, and being funny all in the same package. I’ve always been a fan of DnD but you guys have got me interested in Pathfinder now. I’ll be checking out a adventure path if I can ever get a group of my friends to actually play consistently. I may just have to find some GCP fans at a meet up if I can ever make it to one.… Read more »

Quinto Bean

You have got to be kidding me! What a tweest

Robert Goode