Ranger Things Part 2

The #marchto100 concludes with the return of an old friend.

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Ol’ Neon G!


So is Matthew contractually obligated to only play female characters for the podcast?

Karl Cross

Ya, I was wondering the same thing! Strange!


The very first thing I heard of this podcast was a clip a friend sent me of the exchange that takes place in this episode with Razmataz, after having started listening to this podcast a little over 10 days ago, I’ve finally caught up to this point.

Daniel Bauer

It has taken me about two weeks to hit this point. Really diggin it so far.

Karl Cross

same here, been around 3 weeks for me to get to this episode. Came across this on youtube, I do wish these were vids so I could watch them and see the maps and pictures of the creatures


God I love Razmataz!