Raz to the Occasion

With the whole party reunited in the shadow of the cathedral, the group must find a way to get back into the Forgeheart.

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It’s stuff like this that makes black/white alignments a stupid concept. Sacrificing that lovable creature was a perfectly acceptable act within the framework of Golarion. However, many normal people (i.e. the listeners) will find it an “evil act”. On the other hand, one can easily argue that keeping Razz mind controlled, clearly against his own nature and thus subduing his free will, is a much more heinous act. What if they had just used Razz to dig holes or pick crops? If you ask Mel Gibson, freedom and death is preferable to slavery and life. What if they had let… Read more »


No! How could you?! R.I.P RAZZ


Razzmatazz was truly the best side character in gcp history, Chumzee from Androids and Aliens is a close second.


That Razzmatazz was even capable of comprehending and performing acts of non-evil suggests to me he is capable of being a reliably neutral creature given the right environment of encouragement and reinforcement, even if he was raised in a society of, and perhaps has a biological propensity for, evil. I call the party’s act of forced sacrifice of another intelligent being for what it is: murder.


I disagree, Pathfinder doesn’t really deal in post-modern moral subjectivity terms much. Evil monsters are evil. This particular evil monster just so happened to be given a Disney personality while charmed, which I admit I loved. However, recall his behavior in the cage. As soon as the spell wore off, it would revert to its true behavior. Plus, there is always the chance that Razz could have won … unless Troy decided *not* to use the neon green die for Razz. Here is the first line from the description of a Redcap. “Redcaps embody both capriciousness and sadism. These stumpy,… Read more »


That seems more written by a David Attenborough type, generalizing and simplifying the race to make it easy to fit into an adventurer’s codex or to be told around a fire, rather than an end-all, be-all explanation of all their capacities. The language itself in that quote sounds incredibly subjective (which makes it more interesting, but less official). I’m surprised the crew didn’t debate this even a little, instead quickly all agreeing Raz was wholly evil and even deserved to die, without really feeling any remorse – even Will, who generally acts the embodiment of Good. There’s debate on whether… Read more »


Alas, sweet Razmatazz. Goodnight, you prince of sadism, you cavalier of chaos, you esquire of evil. May you find the giant ball-kicking in death that you never knew in life. On a more serious note, Peter has a point in that more modern forms of philosophical debate over the nature of good and evil, while interesting, don’t really fit into the mechanics of Pathfinder. Inhuman creatures – particularly outsiders and fey – are, sometimes ironically (as in the case of chaotic creatures) static in nature. Fey and outsiders are as much physical manifestations of ideologies as they are living beings.… Read more »


The crew here have been wantonly murdering Orcs, Giants, Drakrs, et al. We can’t base their morality on our own, simply because we live in different worlds. In our world, these would be racially motivated murders. In Pathfinder, this is a Tuesday.

Troy did a great job showing Razz the curtain. Take it easy Razz. You died as you lived.